Nike Phantom Vision Elite White Metallic Gold Soccer Cleats

things every soccer player checks for before getting cleats are comfort and grip. No one Ats sore feet and zero grip cleats, and Nike sure put that into consideration with its latest release the Nike Phantom Vision Elite. When the Phantom series was first released, like with every other new product a lot of us where skeptical seeing that it deviated from the Magista series I had personally come to love but this new Nike Phantom Vision Gold blows away my worries like a speck of dustThis series of soccer cleats where designed with the utmost comfort of the wearer in mind. It is textured all through with a quadfit mesh material that will definitely have your feet feeling like they are on clouds. The ultra sleek design of the Nike Phantom Vision Elite is probably one of the other things that make it stand out from the array of soccer cleats on the market. What’s not to love about a hidden lace enclosure and super snug collar that could be tucked into the boot. One of the things you can always count on Nike to do is deliver something different that the market has not seen so when the Phantom Vision Elite series released limited edition metallic gold cleats with guaranteed traction on the field and utter comfort for your souls we were not disappointed. The gold cleats carry the same quality that Nike products have. The quadfit mesh really would make you feel like you are slipping into a bootie. This isn’t visible from an initial look at the cleats but once your feet is in them, you would notice it as the cleats would hug your foot like a second skin. The hidden laces on the Nike Phantom Vision Elite was also another feature that is sure to be a hit. The laces are covered by a mesh unit which even when pulled back doesn’t show much of the laces. The textured nature of the Nike Phantom Vision Elite will definitely give you super grip with the balloon, and utmost control. The exterior mesh material is aerated and as will as it sounds, seemingly attracts the ball and makes play time work for you. The first product released with the Nike Phantom Vision Elite series was all black which was unusual for Nike but now they are out with a bag with this Gold Phantom Vision cleats. The gleam of the gold on the field is sure to stand out. Let’s not forget that the gold soccer cleats are some what limited edition, chances are you would be the only one with them on the field. True to size and beyond durable;the Nike Phantom Vision Elite Gold Soccer Cleats are definitely going to last you through games and dare I say seasons. Talk about winning in style. Only Nike can deliver lucky, style with a double win of comfort and great control. If you were ever on the fence about these cleats, you should really come over to the winning side. To top it all off, they are not overly pricey but worth every penny spent.