The Latest Sports Kicks New Crimson Nike Mercurial Superfly V Euro 2016

The fifth generation of Nike’s Mercurial Superfly V offers the same comfort and style its fans have come to expect. It also offers something new with the Dynamic Fit collar. Part of Nike’s Spark Brilliance football boot collection the Superfly V Crimson is available at

The Human Foot Isn’t Flat

An important feature of the Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Euro 2016 - Total Crimson - Black - Pink Blast - Volt is the contoured soleplate. This is a new element for those who take gameplay seriously, and need a good fit. The design team for Nike understood a better fit aids in preventing injury. This anatomically soleplate was created with this understand that the foot isn’t flat, and the sole of the boot more contoured to the natural curve and depth of the sole can enclosure the sole from toes to heel completely. This gives the wearer better traction, and more comfort. This new plate is also not compromised of carbon fiber like the older version of this line. Instead with this new process the plate is hollow, making cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly V Crimson 40% lighter. Along with changes to the under sole, the design incorporates the science of how momentum affects traction on the field.

The Science of Traction

Like the sole cleats affect balance and control when needing to run, stop suddenly, or keep your balance in a tight space. Here the designers have changed the cleats to give the wearer maximum traction, while still having balance with a lighter weight, comfortable boot.

Dominating Color

This nike Mercurial superfly series is available in several colors. The Crimson shoe offers outstanding style with a blaze of red to the heel, and a yellow flare from the lace to the midpoint of the boot. The name styling is also in yellow on a black ground at the shoe’s heel.

Dynamic Fit Collar

The fitted collar is made of the same material as the boot. The collar ensures a better fit toward the ankle, and stabilizes the foot while running or moving quickly on the field. Those familiar with the collar with find this new adaptation gives them a better range of movement.

The Comfort of Flywire Technology

Another change with the 2016 version is the flexible material used for the Flywire technology. The difference is fit and comfort starts with the way this material adjusts to the shape of the wearer’s foot, and provides a tight, but comfortable experience no matter the movement. This material moves fluidly with the foot without losing shape. This pliable fiber material has the feel of skin on skin instead of a rough, coarse, or ridged texture. This version also lacks the adaptive stud so less Flywire is used through the upper portion of the shoe.

The Right Amount of Friction

In touch, control, and striking the upper design of offers the right amount of friction keeping the wear moving in with greater control even at a high speed. The cleats and lightweight sole make for easy dripping, and balance is maintained even when stopping suddenly.

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