Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar 2016 Boots -- Boot Review

Take on the opponent with deadly agility, and enhanced skill in a pair of Cheap Nike Hypervenom football boots. Designed with an amplified touch to the upper for closer control, these Nike football boots, can see you master instinct on the pitch that will allow you to stand out, create space and generate angles that will be unstoppable so you can defeat your challenger.

These are from Nike’s Shine Through collection, which dropped late last year and all had a mainly white upper, which really makes the soleplates stand out. The Nike swoosh has a mix of the same blue found on the soleplate and a reddish-pink color.Now these won’t look as nice as the Hypervenom Phantom, because they are the third takedown model in the line up, but the design and look of the shoe are a lot more similar than most other takedowns.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar 2016 Boots is the lightest Turf boot to grace the market to date, sitting well below the usual 10 oz mark at a very respectable 8 oz. What also intrigues you about the boot is the amount of texture in the upper.

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Nike Employ a very soft (when broken in) synthetic that sports a honey comb/ waffle like pattern that they have dubbed trophy synthetic. The outsole is also designed to work with the natural motion of the foot and has a very decent amount of padding. What is even more impressive is they manage to keep the weight so low.

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