Fresh Performances Nike Premier 2.0 FG Football Boots Black

Following up on the latest Adidas and Nike soccer cleat launches, leaks and release date changes, we have updated the 2017-2018 Boot Calendar to keep it up to date with all things boots from the biggest brands.

The images shows Nike Premier 2.0 FG Football Boots Black/White/Black

If classy, traditional style, heritage boots are your thing, then you are probably fully aware of what the Nike Premier line-up is all about. With its second generation release in the series, Nike has made a few minor updates across the upper. These changes are not necessarily intended to change the performance of the boot, instead they simply add a fresh dynamic and updated look.

The final significant change lies on the heel, where Nike has added a large signature Nike hit to create some added nostalgia for defenders that are left chasing you from behind! Featured in the same font found on older model Nike shows, it like white coloring on a contrasting black upper allows it is stand out in dramatic fashion.

When everything is pieced together from a performance perspective, there isn’t a whole lot that differentiates both boots. Considering they keep their price Now: £54.03 that keeps them in the top value for money category. This is the type of boot that keeps things simple, so all you have to worry about is the game.

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