This summer Adidas is again going to have an event. In the event, Adidas is going to unveil, its ever new design called white Adidas ace 16+ pure control boots. The design that is going to be launched it’s actually a combination of three colors white, yellow and black. The exclusive thing about the design of the boots is that the release of this blue Adidas ace 16+ pure control is specific for the women.

Adidas have made this design of white blue ACE 16+ pure control boots in such a beautiful way by using its some latest technology that it is going to be one of the designs with the ever best attractive looks.


The design of the cheap adidas ACE boots is set in a way that it is specific for the women. These ADIDAS ACE 16+ PURECONTROL soccer boots have a design with white background and three black strips on the side of the boots. In the design of this blue Adidas ACE 16+ pure control boots, there is also an addition of the yellow color in the form of the lining around the three black stripes that are present at the lateral side of the adidas ace boots.

For the first time, the Adidas is going to launch the design to the showcase of the world in the year 2016 with the rear pull-tabs in the offset colors.

The design unlike the previous versions of the Adidas does not have a color gradient in it. It has three black stripes present on the lateral side of the boots and a yellow lining around the three black strips with the presence of white color in between the strips. In short, there is white color present between the black strips rather than the color gradient that is present in the previous design versions of the Adidas boots.


The technology that is used in the construction of the design of these adidas ace boots is somewhere around 2 quality features. These features are the setting of the design in a laceless manner and the introduction of the color on the upper side of the boots.

The laceless feature of the design that the technology introduces makes these boots be choose by the players from all round world while they are playing on the grounds. This is because it provides them with more stability and as well as comfort while playing the game. This also makes an improvement in the playing skills of the players while they are in the critical zone of the game by making the able to have long waves.

The collar of the boots is also made by some technology that is ready to fit the feet of the players making them strong and stable while playing.So be sure to purchase one pair of adidas football boots at

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