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    Nike launch a stunning special edition for the Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 soccer cleats this year. This is the first CHEAP NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 Grey Orange soccer boot colorway.

    How much of a fan are you of certain lines of Nike soccer boots? If you’re a serious fan, then you don’t want to miss out on the chance to own one of the last versions to come out. The Unique Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 Boots are going to be the last ever generation to come out. It’s because of this that fans can’t afford to hold back if they don’t want to miss out. Just what type of fans are these going to appeal to though?

    Cool Grey/Orange/Metallic Hematite

    Nike has made several versions of the Nike Mercurial Superfly boots. Some of them were better than others. In any case if you’re a fan who really values the line, then you want the chance to sport the last ever model just because. You might even decide to keep them as a collectors item and  not wear them at all. Some fans are that serious.

    The player who wants the uniqueness factor

    If the Unique Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 Boots are going to be the last ever current generation to come out, then this means Nike has to be pulling out something special in order to make the shoes stand out right? You know this is the case. So if you’re a player that values shoes with a unique look, then you’ll want to own a pair of these Sports Kicks Nike Mercurial Superfly football boots.

    The player that wants the status

    If these are going to be the last current generation ever, then that means there’s going to be a certain level of status that comes with wearing these or simply owning a pair. This matters because some players like to show how serious they are about the game not only by going hard on the field, but by what they have on their feet. It sends a message and a powerful one.

    If you’re a serious fan of this line of cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017soccer boots, then you don’t want to miss out on what stands to be a very sentimental goodbye. Sure, there are going to be other shoes Nike makes that are going to be deemed better and will have even more advancements in order to help players get the most out of their skills on the field. However, this line is special and will certainly hold a place in the hearts and minds of a lot of players.

    The Boots aren’t going to be for everyone though, but this doesn’t mean the Nike Superfly shoe at isn’t as good as previous versions. What you need to do is take a good look at what’s being offered and then determine if it would be a good fit for you. If in the end you feel it just isn’t a wise investment for you and you’d prefer to go with something else than so be it. Those who do decide to go with these 2017 CHEAP NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 football boots though won’t regret it.

  • Next striking design Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Paramount Blue soccer boots

    To offer players an alternative to the striking Paramount Blue launch colorway, Nike will release a mainly blue colorway for the next-gen Nike Hypervenom Phantom III soccer boots at

    How important do you feel it is to be able to grip the field the right way when you’re in a soccer match? Do you believe that you can get by without being able to grip it all that good? Think about the way it works in a basketball game. If a player can’t grip the ball good then this means his/her play is going to be sloppy. They’ll turn the ball over and get bad shots. The same goes for if the floor was slippery. They wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the fancy stuff they do or make the moves they make. The entire dynamic of the game would change.

    So what Nike Hypervenom Phantom II makes you think it’s any different when it comes to the game of soccer? In order for you to be able to perform well you must be able to grip the field the right way. If you can’t do this, then it can have the following consequences:

    • You might struggle to make the type of moves needed when it comes to defending the ball. This means it’s going to be a lot easier to steal the ball from you or simply stop you from doing what you want to do. You can be the best player on your team, but if you can’t get a good grip on the field then this means you’ll be less effective than what you usually are.
    • You’ll have a hard time having the type of speed you need to have in order to do what you want to do. Speed is important on the field. If you try to get the maximum speed you want with bad grip, then you’ll end up slipping or being easy to slow down. Good grip means being able to use the ground as a part of your game, as a weapon. This is what you want, but with bad grip it can become a weapon against you.
    • You’ll have a hard time getting the ball to where it needs to go. So much of being able to have good accuracy comes down to having good grip. This helps you to setup everything you need to. When your grip is bad, then your shots are going to be bad and this isn’t going to be good for your team. With the right NIKE HYPERVENOM 2017 shoes on you’ll be able to avoid all of this.

    All you need is the right NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II 2017 soccer cleats on in order to give you the superior grip you need. This is exactly what you get with the CHEAP NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II FOOTBALL BOOTS. These NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II shoes help you to have the type of grip that’s going to help you to make all the moves you need with ease, get the type of speed you need to get when you need it and get the ball to where it  needs to go better. Because of the grip you’ll find yourself being able to take full advantage of the field beneath you.

  • Sports Kicks Striking Pink Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 Boots Available

    You know what I hate about some of the Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 soccer cleats out there these days? When you look at them it can be very hard to tell them apart from each other. If I’m going to spend a decent amount of money on a pair of cleats, then I want to know at least these two things:

    • That the Pink Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 shoes are going to have a design/look that I’m going to be proud to sport. Sure, I know looks aren’t everything on the field and that your play level matters more. But why can’t I play good and look good at the same time? This is what I want and I’m sure this is what a lot of players want as well.
    • Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 shoes are going to maintain their aesthetic appeal for a decent amount of time. Look, I know that cleats get worn down and you can’t expect them to last forever. But if the aesthetic appeal is one of the primary reasons I’m purchasing something in the first place, then I want to be sure that that appeal is going to be long lasting.

    Now I can’t be sure to get this when I decide to purchase lower level options, because they just don’t seem to be made to maintain their look. There are all sorts of things that can diminish the look of a pair of cleats. The main two things are how rough you play in the Nike Mercurial Superfly shoes and the second is the elements. So what I need are a pair of shoes made special in this regard.

    This is exactly what I get with the cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 cleats. Trust me when I tell you there’s nothing cookie cutter about the way these look at all. First the design is virtually perfect. You can tell that Nike didn’t cut any corners when they made these. Players who look good in what they wear are going to feel good and as a result they’ll play good. Next, these can take a lot of external punishment and still maintain their aesthetic appeal. This is what I wanted and I’m sure other players will appreciate it.

    Is a pair of Pink Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 Boots right for you?

    We know that in the game of soccer it isn’t going to matter much if you look good, but go out there and play like crap. Of course you want to perform well, but why not do it in style? This is what you can get if you purchase a pair of these pink nike superfly football boots  . I liked the way they look and I also liked the way they helped me attack the game. I wear these because I feel like they have a look that makes me stand out just the way I want.

    If you’re the type of player who values looking good and at the same time playing good, then you’ll certainly appreciate having a pair of these on your feet. The fact that they’ll maintain their aesthetic appeal is a bonus which makes them even more worth it at

  • Sports Kicks launch of the new Hypervenom Phantom II Red 2017

    Nike release their second helping of cheap Neymar x Jordan Hypervenom Phantom II with red colors.NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II FG - NEYMAR X JORDAN Black/Red for sale now

    With Nike creating shock-waves within the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II boot market back in June of this year by dropping their latest and high profile collaboration between Barcelona’s Neymar Jr and basketball’s greatest ever in Michael Jordan, the Swoosh have returned with another special colour-way for the Nike Hypervenom 2017.

    These Hypervenom Phantom 2017 shoes will make you an asset to your team in the following ways:

    • You’ll be in complete control of your movements out there. This means you won’t be effected by bad field conditions nor will it be easy to trip you up so that you make mistakes.
    • You’ll have an easier time getting to where you need to be. What we’re saying is that the Nike Hypervenom cleats help you to be just a step faster. The materials are light, but durable.
    • You’ll be able to get superior touch on the ball. This makes it easier for you to be as accurate as you want to be. You’ll be better when it comes to passing the ball or taking a shot at the net. You won’t make a mistake that could lead to the ball being somewhere it shouldn’t be.

    Soccer is not a game for people who don’t enjoy competition. There’s several of them going on out on the field when you’re out there. You have players targeting you. You have other players who believe they can outdo you in some area. There are mental games going on, etc. What you want to do is focus on your own game and being as valuable to your team as possible.

    In order to do this you have to have on a pair of cleats that are an asset and not a liability. This is what a pair of Nike Hypervenom 2017 shoes can provide for you. You don’t want to be that player that becomes known for making mistakes do you? We know you don’t. Why risk it when you can wear a pair of these and know that with them on mistakes will be minimized, making you an asset and no a liability?

    Do you like the launch colorway of the Nike Hypervenom 2017 boots

  • Exclusive: Red Nike Magista Obra II 2017 Boots Available

    The best pictures yet of the red Nike Magista Obra 2017 boots have been leaked. Check them out below.

    The first Nike Magista Obra 2017 soccer cleats colorway introduces a striking design for Nike's control boot. Players such as Mario Götze, David Luiz and Sergi Roberto will switch to the red, white and black next-gen Nike Magista Obra boots in February 2017.


    This is the first Nike Magista Obra 2017 boots colorway.


    This is the first Nike Magista Obra 2017 boots colorway. The Total Crimson / White / Black Nike Magista Obra 2017 boots for sale at 

    Combining the striking color red with white and black, the first Nike Magista Obra 2017 boots paint job boasts a stunning upper color gradient to stand out on the pitch. The red, white and black Nike Magista Obra 2 2017 cleat features a red outsole and a red Dynamic Fit collar. The Swooshes on both sides of the first Nike Magista 2017 football boot colorway are black.

    The technologies of the first second-gen Nike Magista Obra 2017 Edition are the same used for the launch paint job. Nike's control boot features an one-piece upper with a thin layer of NikeSkin for better ball control and a Dynamic Fit collar for a sock-like fit

    Albeit similarly shaped (apart from the collar) as the first-generation Nike Magista Obra soccer boot, the Nike Magista Obra II cleats introduce an all-new 'Ball Texture' grip pattern, mostly in the front part of the shoe. The sole plate of the Nike Magista Obra 2 2017 football cleats introduces a new stud layout which sees a number of bladed studs added to the mix. Aligned in a circle, they echo the look of plate of the discontinued Nike CTR360 cleats.

    What do you think of the bold red, white and black Nike Magista Obra 2017 boots

  • A Stealth Look at Nike Mercurial Superfly V 2017-2018 BOOTS

    The fifth generation of Nike’s Mercurial Superfly V offers the same comfort and style its fans have come to expect. It also offers something new with the Dynamic Fit collar. Part of Nike’s Spark Brilliance football boot collection the ORDER NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V FG 2017-2018 BOOTS is available in both Europe and the U.S.

    An important feature of the NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V FG 2017-2018 BOOTS is the contoured soleplate. This is a new element for those who take gameplay seriously, and need a good fit. The design team for Nike understood a better fit aids in preventing injury. This anatomically soleplate was created with this understand that the foot isn’t flat, and the sole of the boot more contoured to the natural curve and depth of the sole can enclosure the sole from toes to heel completely. This gives the wearer better traction, and more comfort. This new plate is also not compromised of carbon fiber like the older version of this line. Instead with this new process the plate is hollow, making NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V 40% lighter. Along with changes to the under sole, the design incorporates the science of how momentum affects traction on the field.

    Like the sole cleats affect balance and control when needing to run, stop suddenly, or keep your balance in a tight space. Here the designers have changed the cleats to give the wearer maximum traction, while still having balance with a lighter weight, comfortable boot.

    This Mercurial series is available in several colors. The NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V shoe offers outstanding style with a blaze of red to the heel, and a yellow flare from the lace to the midpoint of the boot. The name styling is also in yellow on a black ground at the shoe’s heel.

    The fitted collar is made of the same material as the boot. The collar ensures a better fit toward the ankle, and stabilizes the foot while running or moving quickly on the field. Those familiar with the collar with find this new adaptation gives them a better range of movement.

    Another change with the 2017 version is the flexible material used for the Flywire technology. The difference is fit and comfort starts with the way this material adjusts to the shape of the wearer’s foot, and provides a tight, but comfortable experience no matter the movement. This material moves fluidly with the foot without losing shape. This pliable fiber material has the feel of skin on skin instead of a rough, coarse, or ridged texture. This version also lacks the adaptive stud so less Flywire is used through the upper portion of the shoe.

    In touch, control, and striking the upper design of offers the right amount of friction keeping the wear moving in with greater control even at a high speed. The cleats and lightweight sole make for easy dripping, and balance is maintained even when stopping suddenly.

    Would you buy this Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 soccer cleats at

  • Sport Kicks Stocks Outstanding Red Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl soccer boot colorway

    A new Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl soccer boot colorway has been leaked, revealing a bold and edgy design in blue, white and pink. The blue and white Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl cleats are set to be released in early February 2017.


    This is the astonishing red Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl colorway.

    Continuing the scheme introduced by the Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl launch edition from the Red Limit collection, this new colorway features a color-blocking look. The front of the football boots is white, red. This rather classical base is complemented with accents, most notably in the form of the lateral 3 Stripes, creates one of the most outstanding paint jobs of the Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl cleats yet.

    The split look is continued onto the sole plate of the red and white black Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl 2017 boots, with the blue part additionally boasting a subtle metallic finish as well. The studs in the front of the plate are white with red detailing, while the rear features red ones with black trim at the bottom.

    Whereas the upper of the Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl is very similar to the first Adidas PureControl, the likely biggest technological improvement between the Adidas Ace 16 and 17+ PureControl boots is the addition of Boost technology in the midsole. The stud layout of the Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl cleats is virtually unchanged from their predecessor.

    Set to be available to buy from February 2017, the red black Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl 2017 football boots retail at £75.63. In addition to the laceless variation shown in this article, a similar take on the Ace 17.1 Primeknit cleat model will also be unveiled.

    Although not expected at first, it looks like the red Adidas Ace PureControl 2017 boots will receive high-profile on-pitch support form the likes of Dele Alli, Mesut Özil or Paul Pogba.

    What do you think of this new Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl colorway? check out more new adidas soccer boots 2017 at

  • New Deals Nike Magista Obra II 2017 Red Colorways

    Another Nike Magista Obra II colorway for Summer 2017 has leaked, featuring the same novel upper design as the previous Solar Orange Magista Obra 2 from a few days ago. The red Nike Magista Obra II 2017-18 boots will be on sale soon.

    Nike Magista Obra II 2017 Red Colorways at

    This image shows the second Summer 2017 Nike Magista Obra 2 soccer boot colorway.

    Based on the unique Summer 2017 design of the Nike Magista Obra II, these boots are predominantly light white, fading to a darker shade of grey for the rear. Most of the Dynamic Fit collar, the heel and the entire sole plate of the red, black and pink Nike Magista Obra II 2017-18 boots are dark grey.

    A pink-outlined black Swoosh sits on either side of the light red Nike Magista Obra 2017-2018 cleats, while the laces are black as well.

    Tech-wise, the grey and black Nike Magista Obra 2 2017 football boots are identical to all previous launches. They have a Flyknit upper with a 'Ball Texture' and feature a heightened Dynamic Fit collar for ultimate control and lockdown.

    Nike Magista Obra II - Features

        Flyknit upper with ACC (All Conditions Control) tech and 3D-texture

        Dynamic Fit collar

        Interior heel counter

        Rotational forefoot stud alignment

    Set to be launched in Jan 2017, the red Nike Magista Obra 2 soccer cleats retail at the cheap price as always.

  • First Look At Sport Kicks NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V 2017-2018 BOOTS

    What level do you play the game of soccer at right now? Do you play it at a high enough level where you feel like you can really make a difference no matter what team you play for? Some players are only good when the type of competition their going up against isn’t all too good. This means they can do what they do without having to worry about too much resistance from the other team. Do you want to be this type of player? Do you want to feel like you can only play well when the competition is weak? You don’t right? Well in order to know you can go up against tougher competition you need to wear the right shoes.

    Wearing low quality options just isn’t going to cut it. At lower levels it might, but not against tougher opponents. Here are some of the reasons for this:

    • Superior players usually make you work extra hard for what you get-This means you’ll have to expand more energy and use your feet more. Are the NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V soccer cleats you’re currently wearing designed to help make this easier or are they going to make things tougher?
    • Superior players are going to aggressively defend you-You know what this means right? It means you have to get ready for all sorts of impact to your feet. You’ll have players kicking you and bumping you. This is going to affect how you’re able to execute as the game goes on, unless you have on a pair of shoes such as the Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 cleats to help make things easier.

    Superior players are going to make you run around more-With this being the case you’ll need to make sure what you have on your feet isn’t going to make it tough for you to keep up. The NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V FG 2017-2018 BOOTS Black-White-Golden shoes should be light and shouldn’t hinder your speed. In fact the goal should be to enhance it.

    When you go up against superior competition you have two things you can do. You can decide to either rise to the occasion or you can decide to fold. You don’t want to fold. At the same time you don’t want to have something on your feet that you feel isn’t going to help you compete as hard as you want to. Trust us when we tell you that superior players are going to have on nothing but the best cleat options. These NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V football boots at are going to be players who know what it takes to win. You have to have a similar mindset.

    With a pair of NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V FG 2017 cleats on this can become easy. Weaker competition demand nothing more than a superior effort. Superior competition demands a superior effort, but the right pair of cheap nike mercurial superfly shoes in order to ensure you can give that effort for as long as you need to or when you need to.

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