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  • The Latest Sports Kicks New Crimson Nike Mercurial Superfly V Euro 2016

    The fifth generation of Nike’s Mercurial Superfly V offers the same comfort and style its fans have come to expect. It also offers something new with the Dynamic Fit collar. Part of Nike’s Spark Brilliance football boot collection the Superfly V Crimson is available at

    The Human Foot Isn’t Flat

    An important feature of the Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Euro 2016 - Total Crimson - Black - Pink Blast - Volt is the contoured soleplate. This is a new element for those who take gameplay seriously, and need a good fit. The design team for Nike understood a better fit aids in preventing injury. This anatomically soleplate was created with this understand that the foot isn’t flat, and the sole of the boot more contoured to the natural curve and depth of the sole can enclosure the sole from toes to heel completely. This gives the wearer better traction, and more comfort. This new plate is also not compromised of carbon fiber like the older version of this line. Instead with this new process the plate is hollow, making cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly V Crimson 40% lighter. Along with changes to the under sole, the design incorporates the science of how momentum affects traction on the field.

    The Science of Traction

    Like the sole cleats affect balance and control when needing to run, stop suddenly, or keep your balance in a tight space. Here the designers have changed the cleats to give the wearer maximum traction, while still having balance with a lighter weight, comfortable boot.

    Dominating Color

    This nike Mercurial superfly series is available in several colors. The Crimson shoe offers outstanding style with a blaze of red to the heel, and a yellow flare from the lace to the midpoint of the boot. The name styling is also in yellow on a black ground at the shoe’s heel.

    Dynamic Fit Collar

    The fitted collar is made of the same material as the boot. The collar ensures a better fit toward the ankle, and stabilizes the foot while running or moving quickly on the field. Those familiar with the collar with find this new adaptation gives them a better range of movement.

    The Comfort of Flywire Technology

    Another change with the 2016 version is the flexible material used for the Flywire technology. The difference is fit and comfort starts with the way this material adjusts to the shape of the wearer’s foot, and provides a tight, but comfortable experience no matter the movement. This material moves fluidly with the foot without losing shape. This pliable fiber material has the feel of skin on skin instead of a rough, coarse, or ridged texture. This version also lacks the adaptive stud so less Flywire is used through the upper portion of the shoe.

    The Right Amount of Friction

    In touch, control, and striking the upper design of offers the right amount of friction keeping the wear moving in with greater control even at a high speed. The cleats and lightweight sole make for easy dripping, and balance is maintained even when stopping suddenly.

    Check out all of our Nike Mercurial Superfly V Euro 2016 shoes at and pick out the perfect ones for you!

  • Updated New Nike Magista Obra II football boots Red at

    What do you believe is the main motivating factor that drives some people to purchase one pair of New Nike Magista Obra II FG football boots Red Black White soccer cleats over another? Well one pair of Nike Magista Obra shoes might have a strong marketing campaign behind them while the other pair might not. You see this all the time. You see options where they get a lot of media hype. They’ll have professional athletes endorsing them. They’ll really be highly touted. The real question is how many of these Nike Magista shoes have you bought where they actually ended up living up to the hype?

    So much of it comes down to what you expect to get out of them. Are you expecting them to make you into a better player. Are you expecting them to give you superior comfort? Maybe you just want them to make you feel more confident, because you know that they’re some of the best options out there. Well living up to all three of these expectations doesn’t have to be an issue. And if you get a pair of cheap Nike Magista Obra FG cleats it won’t be. These live up to the hype and then some.

    The thing with these Nike Magista Obra II though is there really isn’t any hype about them. Everything about them is designed to help you be a better player by means of not hindering you. The fit is good, the look is good, and they’ll provide you with a superior level of comfort. This is what you should want in an athletic shoe. Now there is one issue some players  have had with these and that’s the fact that they can take some getting adjusted to. This is primarily for players who aren’t used to wearing really good cleats at

    • Once you get used to these though, you’re going to find them amazing. You get the following main features from these:
    • You get superior feel, which means better comfort. This is good for sustained effort throughout a game.
    • You get a durable Nike Magista Obra II 2016-2017 shoe. You won’t have to hold back out there because you’re afraid that these will fall apart if you go too hard.
    • You get a shoe that provides good traction. This means you’ll be able to make all the moves you need to make in order to be elusive out there.
    • You get a s hoe that will protect your feet against bad weather and bad field conditions. No more worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to play your game because of the weather or the field conditions.

    You don’t want to rely on hype when it comes to getting a good pair of Magista Obra 2 soccer cleats. What you want to rely on is what you’re going to be getting as far as the end product goes. You want to focus on basics, because this is all that matters. The cheap magista soccer cleats focus on these basics. Sure, they’re popular and they look stylish, but at the end of the day they’re all about helping you do the little things out there in order to be effective.

  • To Play At Any Level In A Pair Of New Nike MercurialX Proximo

    The New Nike MercurialX Proximo Shoe boasts upper with distinctive accents in volt on the lateral part and in the outline of the Nike Swoosh in the forefoot area. A striking splatter pattern is visible inside the trademark zig-zag shape on the outside, together with the MercurialX writing in volt.

    Launched together with the second generation of the Nike Hypervenom earlier this year, the Nike MercurialX Proximo brings all new technologies of the top tier of Nike's agility silo to the small-sided game.

    Mainly white, the outsole of the new Nike MercurialX Proximo 2016 Boots boasts a black Swoosh. Tech-wise, the sole offers low-profile cushioning similar to what can be seen in the Nike MercurialX Proximo Indoor Trainers. The Nike MercurialX Proximo Boots will be available as both Turf (TF) and Indoor Court (IC) version.

    Inspired by the outdoor colorway of the same name, the Nike Hypervenom Proximo Boots from introduce a striking purple and volt look for the MercurialX silo.

  • Be more effective with 2016-17 Nike Magista Obra 2 Soccer Cleats at

    Whenever you decide to  purchase a pair of soccer cleats that are supposed to be limited edition, then the main reason why you’re buying them is because there’s going to be something about them that’s really special. The maker is going to do something with them that they rarely do and this is going to make the shoes even more desirable. If this is the case, then the shoes certainly can’t disappoint. The Nike Magista Obra 2016/2017 Soccer Boots are certainly unique and one of a kind.

    Speaking of one of a kind, this brings us to the main theme of these. Black History month might just be one month, but this doesn’t mean Nike wants to put out something that’s not going to unify people across all nationalities. This is why this year the message for these is “The Power Of One”. This message is symbolic and powerful. It enables people to come together to celebrate a rich history while at the same time being very inclusive celebratory. It’s a way to send the right message.

    So if the Message for this is “The Power of One” then the design sure as heck better be one of a kind right? Well this isn’t a problem with these. The design is good and the color scheme is also up to par. Let’s look at some of the basics these have to offer:

    • Main colorway blends together the color black with white for the swoosh and grey applications.
    • The pattern located on the upper is one of a kind. It’s made using inspirations from the African American culture and has very distinct geometric motifs. It also makes use of a vivid Pan African inspired color palette.
    • Located on the heel area of the Nike Magista Obra II - Volt / Total Orange / Pink Blast / Black is the Magista logo. The inner sole is where you’ll find the phrase “The Power of One”. The sole plate area of these is mostly dark with a few colorful parts to it.
    • On the tech side of these these shoes are going to provide players with the same features as with other colorways of this control boot. You get a dynamic fit color, a tongue-less design as well as a flyknit upper which makes for a socklike fit along with superior ball control.

    “The Power of One” is a powerful message for these boots, because the game of soccer is the most popular around the world. No matter what differences people have, when they take to the field in order to play this game the goal is to have fun and win. The Nike Magista Obra 2 Boots are a way of paying respects, celebrating history and at the same time taking part in a game that people are fanatical about around the world. The fact that their limited edition shouldn’t stop anyone from trying to get a pair. Chances are getting a pair isn’t as tough as some might think it is.

    Almost exactly one month ago, Nike finally launched the second generation of the Magista Obra, the boot that had wowed everyone when it was released in spring 2014. It was the first knitted football boot after all. Celebrating the successful launch of the Nike Magista Obra II, we want to present you nine colorway concepts for it, ranging from understated and low-key designs to more bold ones. at soccers kp


    Nike Magista Obra II - Black / Gold


    Nike Magista Obra II - Teal / Orange


    Nike Magista Obra II - Blackout


    Nike Magista Obra II - Grey / White


    Nike Magista Obra II - Gold / Black


    Nike Magista Obra II - Maroon / Grey


    Nike Magista Obra II - Turquoise / White


    Nike Magista Obra II - White / Gold


    Nike Magista Obra II - Volt / Total Orange / Pink Blast / Black


  • Be more effective with Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Football Boots

    What type of shoe do you think one of the best players in the world would wear when he’s out there on the world stage? Do you believe they’d wear something that offered even the slightest chance of failing them out there? The answer is a resounding no. When players such as Neymar Junior step out onto the field you better believe they are rocking the best. This enables them to perform their best. You need to have the same mentality and you can help yourself in this regard by getting the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar 2016 Boots at

    These are going to help have a very positive impact on your game play out there. Here’s some examples.

    Play better for longer

    These are going to help you play better and for  longer. Think of it as an endurance test. Sure, you might have skills, but you need to be able to put them to use throughout the game. We’re mostly talking about endurance here. Because of of the superior protection and comfort these provide you’ll be able to go hard as long or as often as you need to out there. You’ll be able to make a difference when it counts.

    Feel better for different reasons

    Feeling good out on the field is something Neymay Junior knows is very important to superior play. You need to feel good physically and you need to feel good mentally. These soccer boots have such a good design and good feel that you won’t have to worry about the comfort of your feet at all. This will allow you to focus on the game more. And mentally you’ll have more of an edge  knowing you’re sporting some of the best shoes in the world.

    Be more effective on defense

    Defense is all about effort and being able to sustain bumps and kicks throughout the course of the game. It also requires superior footwork. These boots are going to help you to be  more effective by giving you more flexibility and helping you to take it as good as you get it out there.

    Here’s some more important facts regarding these boots:

    • Boots have a bold all over graphic.
    • The only areas of these Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Football Boots Pure Platinum shoes that don’t have the all over graphic would be the dynamic fit collar as well as the sole plate.
    • There’s bold red accents in the form of the top trim collar and the big swooshes are on the toe and heel. These finish off the design that’s exclusive to Neymar Junior.
    • These blend together the synthetic Nikeskin Upper and Flyknit for the collar and tongue. The agility sole plate stays the same though.

    Do you think that your game is what it can be? Do you want to start seeing positive changes to your game. Well take it from one of the best in the world, Neymar Junior, in order to do this you must feel comfortable with what’s on your feet. They have to protect you, make you feel comfortable and enable you to get the most out of your skills. In many cases this is all you need in order to be a true difference maker out there.

    With a pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar 2016 Boots this becomes much easier to do. You can’t afford to take chances on inferior options, because oftentimes they only serve to have a negative impact on your game. This can impact you on a mental level and hurt you moving forward.

  • The First Popular Nike Women's 2016 Spark Brilliance Pack

    The Nike Women's Spark Brilliance 2016 Olympics Pack was shown off in Brazil during yesterday's Olympics matches. Matching perfectly with the USA 2016 Olympics uniform, Nike's boots stood out on the pitch worn by players such as Alex Morgan and Hope Solo.

    Following up on the men's edition, unveiled last month and in time for the Copa America and Euro tournaments, and inspired by the new USA women's home kit, Nike today also revealed a new women's-exclusive football boot collection at

    Nike Women's 2016 Spark Brilliance Pack

    This picture shows three of the four soccer cleats included in the Nike Women's Spark Brilliance pack.

    Labeled 'Spark Brilliance', the new Nike women's soccer boot collection brings new, USA-inspired colorways for the Hypervenom Phantom II, Mercurial Superfly V and Tiempo Legend VI. This means it includes the first-ever Nike Mercurial Superfly V women's release as well as the first women's Nike Hypervenom Phantom II with the original upper.

    Design-wise, the football boots of the 2016 Nike Women's Spark Brilliance collection combine a white base with blue and red accents, a design that draws inspiration from the colors of the US flag as well as from the new USA women's kit. Volt detailing is present in the studs.

    Of course, with the second-gen Nike Magista cleats still not released, Nike could only show off three of the four boots included in the new women's collection. A fitting women's Nike Magista Obra II cleat will also be available to buy next month.

    Do you like the new Nike women's soccer boot collection? Let us know in the comments below.

  • A vibrant looking at Racer Blue Nike Mercurial Superfly V football boots

    Designed to be undetectable and unstoppable, Nike this morning released their latest nike superfly collection.If you’re going to wear a pair of Nike Mercurial Superfly football boots on the field, then you can decide to wear something that’s plain if you want. There’s nothing wrong with plain.

    When you decide to go this route you can still perform well. Skills are skills and if you have them then wearing a quality pair of New 2016 NIke Mercurial Superfly V FG Football Boots Blue Tint-Racer Blue-Volt-Bright Crimson with a plain look isn’t going to negatively impact you. What you want though is something that’s designed to be a little more vibrant. Trust us when we tell you that this can work wonders for you as a player. Here are a few reasons for this.

    • A vibrant looking pair of NIke Mercurial Superfly V boots will make you feel a little more stylish out there. You’ll play with just a little more swagger than what you usually might and this can actually make you into a better version of the player you are now.
    • A vibrant looking pair of shoes is going to send a message to other players that you aren’t someone to be ignored. Whether this draws more attention to you or not doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Either way these will help to make you more of a weapon out there.

    The Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016 soccer cleats are the perfect choice for players who want the above. Here’s some more information about these you might like to know.

    • There’s a dynamic fit color with a flyknit upper as well as flywire strings that help to give a player better speed, lockdown as well as superior ball control.
    • The sole plate for these is mostly black with some orange applications. For the studs blue is mostly used.
    • As far as tech goes, these shoes offer a lot of the same elements as the previous colorway of these powerful cutting edge speed boots.

    The cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly football boots are about more than just providing you with a vibrant look. Sure, players who are really into style are going to love these. Everything about them screams stylish and everything else that comes with this. You feel like you have more swagger. You’re confidence goes up. You get more attention which you can use to your advantage. You just feel better when you know what you have on your feet is making you look good. You feel good and you play like it.

    If you don’t believe other players on your team will notice this then think again. It might actually begin to rub off on them and this is a good thing. The NIke Mercurial Superfly V football boots aren’t going to be right for everyone, but we’re sure for those players who value something that isn’t too plain looking, they’ll surely love these blue nike superfly at

    Top tier players all over the world are going to be sporting these, and for many of the same reasons just mentioned above. If you want vibrancy along with a high tech pair of 2016 football boots, then you can’t go wrong with these cheap nike superflys football boots .

  • Red Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control Boots are Perfect Fit for Players

    Adidas has been developing soccer cleats with different technology that marks them one of the best and inexpensive soccer cleats. Adidas is going to introduce a new range of soccer cleats with the fabulous pure black outlook.  Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control are going to be entirely launched for the soccer players.

    The first edition of New 2016 adidas ACE 16+ Purecontrol FG Football Boots Red/Silver Metallic boots was offered to the public in November 2015 and afterward in  January and February. Let us take a look through the marvelous features of these modern discount boots.

    Pure touch:

    The Adidas ACE 16+ PureControl boots are the only soccer cleats that have been trademarked with the classic touch signature theme in solar yellow color. The greatest feature is that these cleats do not carry any lace to waste your time. They have heightened collar, and this is the only extension in these boots. This makes them different from standard boots. They have been designed and produced with the non-stop grasp expertise by Adidas that will deliver the players a stable grip on the ball and the field as well. Irrespective of the weather circumstances, there is no way that someone is going to take the ball away from you with these Adidas Ace 16+ pure control football boots at

    Pure Control Design:

    The new Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control boots have a very decent design, and the upper area of the cleats is red, and the outsole is Silver Metallic.  The lateral stripes of the Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control are created in grayish black color. For the first time in the history of Adidas, the confined on the outer and the rearmost pull-tabs are equalized in the color of the Adidas ACE 16+. To make these new Addidas Ace 16+ pure control boots to stand out from the earlier types of the cleats, the strips are merely intended on the outside of these soccer boots. The inside of the boots are lined with pure black soft material. These boots will be the best choice for players, and they can change the game in the best way.


    They have a prime kit upper with the addition of a thin artificial layer that will improve the strength and reliability of the Adidas Ace 16+ pure control boots. The soccer cleats have been manufactured with a unique flexible material that will maintain the shape as well as the texture of the boots even after extensive use.

    For the players who are skeptical about the whole Adidas Football Revolution, these Adidas Ace 16+ pure control boots are the game changer. These are the perfect fit boots that are going to win you over.

  • Nike Mercurial Superfly V Electric Green will take the Game to a New Level

    Nike is well-known for developing the best shoes and is soon going to introduce yet another range of the soccer cleats. The electric green Nike Mercurial Superfly V football cleats introduce a sneakiness look for the next generation Nike Mercurial Superfly V cleats. The Electric Green Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots is available now at

    Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Football Boots Electric Green/Black/Flash Lime have been made with the perfect fit expertise that features the flyknit upper and the dynamic fit collar. The electric green Nike Superfly V cleats have been made with the Flywire threads to provide you with definitive speed and lockdown. Nike Mercurial Superfly V Electric Green boots are designed with a strategically engineered traction pattern as well as they have combined minimal construction and lightweight materials to help the players stay speedy and fast on the ground.


    The ACC technology used in electric green Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots are designed with the technology that will give you the perfect grip on the ball regardless of the wet or dry circumstances. To improve the ball control, an experienced texture is used in the production of the boots.

    The studs of the green Nike mercurial superfly V boots have been positioned appropriately to offer you with the extreme traction. In the manufacturing, an ultra-light Nike 3D speed plate is used in Nike mercurial superfly V boots with Mercurial Traction for greatest speed.

    For improving control and comfort, the Nike Mercurial Superfly V electric green cleats have the vibrant fit collar, which guards the ankle giving the boots a sock-like feel. The Nike Mercurial Superfly V Boots come with Flywire strings to provide you with the ultimate speed as well as lockdown.

    The boots are contoured with an underfoot mold for a regular fitting and improved traction. Fully combined scheme is used to secure the foot inside the shoe. The tongue is combined into the upper one piece for less interference in the playing field. To provide you with a barefoot feel, the electric green Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots have micro-textured flyknit upper with Nikeskin.

    The outstanding first 2017 paint job for the Nike Mercurial Superfly V is nearly completely green that is combined with black applications and logos. This consist of the Mercurial writing, the ACC logo as well as the Swoosh.

    The outsole the Electric Green Nike Mercurial Superfly V soccer cleats are also entirely green. The signature speed rib erection along the sides of the electric green Nike Mercurial Superfly V football boots is to some extent highlighted.

    These new electric green Nike Mercurial Superfly V 2017 soccer cleats are prepared for critical ball control at greater speed.


  • For an Unstoppable Playmaking Metallic Hematite Nike Hypervenom Phantom II boots

    In September Nike is going to launch a very bold colorway for its Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 soccer cleats. For a gradient look, Nike is combining this time orange, purple and navy colors for these soccer cleats. These new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Soccer cleats will be worn by Robert Lewandowski and Jamie Vardy. These cleats will also be released for the Nike Hypervenom Phinish boot model.

    Nike Hypervenom Phantom II 2016-2017 boots are designed with a structure of speed, a usefully engineered grip pattern as well as combining slight construction and lightweight materials to help to stay speedy and fast on the field. These soccer cleats will take the game to the next level in the way that was never seen before. These cleats can change the game, and they are the passing playmaker.


    The Hypervenom Phantom II upsurges to come across the changing requirements of the world’s lethal alert players. These are designed for the ones who uses acceleration, sharp cuts, random movement and quick braking to achieve the edge.

    These exceptional and iconic cleats are a complete package that has a perfect design to whack the game in the field. These Nike Hypervenom Phantom II soccer cleats have a dynamic fit collar and a design that will motivate the players to attack when their opponents least assume.


    The ACC technology used in Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Soccer Cleats that will provide you the flawless hold on the ball in all weather conditions. An extra thin layer is also placed on the upper part o the cleats to improve the ball touch. One of the difference was the use of Nike's Flywire technology to provide a tightened and lock-in feel for a cleaner attack.

    Nike Hyperveno Phantom II soccer cleats have been manufactured with a new outsole design. The soccer cleats have been made with a particular shape to provide with the maximum speed and grip on the ground. For less distraction on the field, the tongue is integrated into the upper.


    The new soccer cleats are ruled by an amazing gradient from orange at the collar and heel of the boots. The toe of these cleats is dark blue in color. Definitely, these new cleats from Hypervenom Phantom II series will be stand out on the pitch. The Swooshes are at the forward-facing, and rear side of the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 soccer cleats are navy and orange although the slope is continued onto the sole plate of cleats.

    The laces and tongue area of these new Nike Hypervenom 2 soccer cleats are solid orange as well as the side-splatter zig-zag design. The color combination is one of the most iconic features of the Nike Hypervenom soccer cleats. Purple and orange colors are used for the sole plate of Nike Hypervenom Phantom II football shoes, and these are designed to offer rotational quickness finished with a conical stud pattern.
    Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Football Boots Black/Metallic Hematite/Volt  are available for sale today at

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