Adidas Glitch

Adidas Football Boots – Glitch

If you are looking for Adidas Glitch Football Boots at a great price, the Adidas Glitch Football Boots would be perfect. The Adidas Glitch deliver the basics for comfort and touch. Featuring the supersoft kangaroo leather on the forefoot, these Adidas Football Boots allow for the player to get the pristine natural touch they are looking for.

On the back of the Football Boots are a synthetic, made to keep the weight off the shoes and the hug your foot for the best fit. The simple cross foot stitching is reminiscent of classic k-leather cleats and offers a great feel and touch.

We recommend the awesome Adidas Glitch Football Boots! Take a look at our selection from today! Make sure you keep these Adidas Glitch Football Boots while your off the pitch.

4 products available

4 products available